About Backyard Tours – Finding Algarve

Backyard Tours – Finding Algarve was born in May, 2015, and I have the pleasure to see it grow as time goes by.

My relationship with Backyard Tours is very personal. Besides being able to work with amazing people, I am too responsible to provide some food and desserts for the Tours.

It is grateful to end a hard-working day, tired but happy, knowing that Backyard Tours made their only best to give a remarkable and wonderful day to people. And when they come to us, thanking and saying that they just had the best time in their entire vacations, it’s something that leaves a mark deep down inside us.

Backyard Tours – Finding Algarve only gives the best, everyday: in sharing wonderful places, curiosities and history, or sharing great food, sunsets and unforgettable memories with good people.

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