About Devaneios de Chocolate

Devaneios – a Portuguese word close enough of daydreaming
Chocolate – my perdition and my everyday savior

I came up with Devaneios de Chocolate in 2011, when I was looking for some challenge in my life.

I was never a good cook or baker; I was lucky to live with my mom who is a great cook, and later, with my boyfriend E., which is the best I know. So, I never felt the need to learn or be better on this matter.

Nevertheless, something was missing in my personal life and one day, I’ve decided to create a blog and write. That idea has been hanging in my head for a long time until I’ve decided what to write about.

One day, when I was in the grocery store, I saw a small cook book. It only had cookies recipes but the photos were beautiful and mouthwatering. I bought the book, arrived home, tried some recipes and found what was missing.

After all, baking is fun. I became to love what I do and discovered where I’m good at. Like everything else, I have some ups and downs, but now that I know I’m happy baking, I’ll never give up. I’m always looking to improve, learn more, try more and eat more.

Baking is my dream and someday I would like to see Devaneios de Chocolate jump from the web into the reality.